Squam Lake House

For this stunning timber-frame home, Moskow Linn Architects called for Steve’s team to help create wide open spaces supported by modest sized, uniformly proportioned structural elements.

Moskow Linn Architects are known for creating modern homes that draw on the New England Vernacular style. Within this style, timber-framing often includes rough-hewn surfaces, exposed connections, and member sizes that are proportional to the loads they carry. This particular design would be different. The owners were drawn to a Japanese-influenced style that called for smooth, wooden surfaces; hidden connection details; and, only minor differences in size amongst beam, girder, and column elements.

In response, Steve and the team designed and detailed hidden structural steel connections in which the joined elements appear to “snap” together. To give load-carrying capacity to modest-sized beams, they designed embedded steel plates that provided enhanced strength to the small timber beams. They coordinated their placement carefully with the timber fabricators.