Wilber School

The historic Old Sharon High School building was vacated 30 years ago when a new school was built nearby.  Two major redevelopment efforts tried and failed and the building sat abandoned until four years ago.  Wherever there were leaks, clear shafts through rotted wood formed from roof deck to basement.  Live termite colonies thrived.  The parapet mortar was so deteriorated that the parapets could be pulled apart by hand.  Along came Beacon Communities, who put together a development team and financing concept that worked to create rental apartments for a community seeking to increase its rental stock. 

Our structural challenges included repairing failing and compromised floor and wall framing, creating code-compliant seismic connections into brittle clay-tile wall constuction, and adding interior shear walls to increase the lateral resistance of the building.  In addition, we doubled the size of the building with new wing carried on stud bearing walls and the CMU stair shafts.  

  • Prellwitz Chilinski Associates