The Science and Art of Structural Design

Who we are: 

Siegel Associates is a full-service structural consulting firm founded in 1991 by Steve Siegel.  We have offices in the Boston suburb of Newton, MA and also in Spartanburg, SC.  We work with architects, developers, institutions, building owners, insurance companies, and attorneys, and our focus is on technical competence, appropriate solutions, and client service.


What we believe:

Do What You Love.

We love buildings and the construction process.  We specialize in steel frame, wood frame, historic renovations, and masonry facades.  We have assembled a team of skilled and dedicated professionals who have a deep appreciation for great building design.  We bring our enthusiasm, knowledge, and experience to every project we take on.   

Start at Yes. 

Our job is to help our clients realize their objectives.  We don’t say that something cannot be done; rather, we ask good questions and listen well.  We explain the options and trade-offs, and then recommend solutions.  The best buildings are the result of excellent collaboration between owner, architect, engineer, and contractor, all working towards yes. 

Build to Last. 

We work hard to protect the building owner’s investment.  We put time and effort up front to create the most structurally efficient, least cost construction.   As well, we build durable relationships through respect, reliability, and competence.  The result is a reputation that we believe to be every bit as strong as the structures we design.